Sanantonio Lawyers Services

Stock exchange business

My law firm counsels institutional and professional private investors in USA and Canada on all investment law matters. Focus of specialized legal counsel is assessing the legal risks of publicly traded companies. In their financial market communications, a large number of companies fail to describe legal and actual risks. As soon as these risks materialize, the price of the stock market will inevitably adjust.

As a dedicated investor, I share the enthusiasm of my clients for the stock market. Under the “Publications” menu item, you can get an idea of how I work. The published articles provide a concise overview of the risk analysis of specific investments. The primary objective is the client’s consistent risk avoidance when investing in stocks.

Wealth planning

Professional asset management imposes stringent requirements on all involved parties. Unfortunately, some asset managers place their own financial interests ahead of the assets entrusted to them. As a specialist attorney, I ensure that asset managers invest the assets entrusted to them in a manner proportional to the level of risk. This involves the legal review of asset management contracts and the ongoing monitoring of investment decisions. With these safeguards, the client’s investment portfolio is protected from excessive fees and invested in accordance with the client’s risk profile.

Compensation under capital market law

In many instances, investors who have suffered losses as a result of capital market investments have the option of filing a claim in court. In addition to claims for negligent investment advice, capital investment fraud claims can also be considered. Regarding prospectus liability, investors can contact the parties involved in an IPO if the prospectus contains an error. As part of my expertise in the stock market environment, I assist clients throughout America with the enforcement of their claims.