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Our San Antonio injury attorney can help you or your loved one get justice!

If you have been hurt in a car accident or 18-wheeler accident, construction or oilfield accident, in a slip-and-fall or because of medical malpractice, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. If successful, you may be entitled to a financial award that may help to provide for your and your family if you can no longer work. How can Patrick Toscano, San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer, help with your case?



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Don’t Confuse Effort and Good Intentions with Results

  • $1,750,000 Settlement – Medical Malpractice

    Injury: Air Embolism

    Award resulted in $994,081.41 to victim

    Expenses/attorney fees: $55,918.74 / $700,000.00

  • $530,000 Settlement – Car Accident

    Injuries: Fractured ankle, fracture of three toes, broken hand, broken wrist

    Award resulted in $220,250.57 to accident victim for losses
    Expenses/attorney fees: $8,082.76/$186,666.67

  • $475,000 Settlement – Oil Field Injury

    Injury: Loss of toe

    Award resulted in $275,055 to victim
    Expenses/attorney fees: $9,945.00/$190,000.00

  • $350,000 Settlement – Premises Liability

    Injury: Broken ankle and non-surgical back injury

    Award resulted in $150,000 to victim
    Expenses/attorney fees: $28,606.63/$154,455.87

Experience in Fighting for You

The amount of compensation a person may receive depends on whether or not another party was negligent and to what extent you may be culpable for causing your injuries. Patrick Toscano will work hard to show that you were either not at fault for an accident or that you are only minimally liable for what happened to you and actively fight for the compensation you deserve. With almost two decades of experience handling personal injury claims, Patrick Toscano goes up against insurance companies and their adjusters to fight for his clients. Countless clients have trusted Patrick Toscano as the right personal injury attorney in San Antonio for them.

Focus on Recovery; Let Us Handle the Rest

The changes in your life may be sudden and overwhelming. The injuries that you suffered may make it a minor miracle to get out of bed on your own let alone deal with medical bills and insurance companies. Having Patrick Toscano on your side may make it easier to focus on your recovery and being there for your family. Our experienced San Antonio personal injury lawyer can make it easier for family members to care for you or otherwise help you get through a tough period in your life as opposed to doing paperwork all day. Talking with our personal injury attorney can make it easier to hold those who hurt you responsible for their actions.

Patrick Toscano Doesn’t Settle for Less & Neither Should You

It is no secret that many major insurance companies pay out less for bodily injury claims to clients without an attorney. Having the right personal injury lawyer on your side can be the difference between 2 – 3 times higher settlements compared to no lawyer at all. Patrick Toscano’s dedication to serving his clients effectively with integrity has allowed him to help his clients. If you’re looking for a local law firm with experience getting justice for their client, whether it be a dog bite, a slip and fall, or even a wrongful death, contact Patrick Toscano today.

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